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Month: June 2013

1917 or 1968?

“Michael Hastings contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few hours before he died, saying that the FBI was investigating him.” – says the Guardian.

Michael HastingsMichael Hastings was best known for his 2010 article in the Rolling Stone magazine about General Stanley McChrystal. The general was forced to resign from his post as commander of all U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan as a result of the piece.

So, we know Michael Hastings wasn’t your average reporter. He dug as deep as the story required and wasn’t afraid of angering the establishment. And he had the “wrong” friends.

But should he have been concerned for his life? Did the government kill him? We are the good guys, right?

He died in a car crash. His car, apparently a Mercedes (details are sketchy) was wrapped around a tree and it caught fire. Immediately, the web was flooded with conspiracy theories. Not surprising, given the circumstances.

He was disliked by the establishment. He was apparently working on a piece relating to the NSA scandal, so the timing is interesting. Mercedes generally manufacture quality cars that don’t catch fire on impact. The U.S. government is unlikely to be thrilled about yet another leak, scandal or anything that will complicate their situation even further.

Whether the government killed Hastings or not, it is interesting to see how people are not shocked by the idea. People are not surprised at all. Indifferent even. It seems to indicate that we have reached a point in history where people expect the worst of the authorities. Believe their elected leaders will do anything to silence inconvenient voices. We are either living in a sick, totalitarian world, or the authorities have behaved in such a way that the general population believe they live in such a world.

This wasn’t always the case. Somewhere along the way, it all went horribly wrong.

We elected them. We live in a democracy. Elected officials should work for us, but everyone seems to have forgotten about that.

Istanbul, summer 2013Streets around the world are flooded with people demonstrating against their governments. From Turkey to Brazil and beyond, the world seems to be going through a great shift. People are waking up to the fact that things are not as they seemed. We don’t live in democracies after all. Liberty was sacrificed on the altar of fake security a long time ago.

But will this be another 1917 or 1968? Will the powers be toppled like they were in Russia, where an initially well meaning, but ultimately more corrupt leadership doomed a nation to a century of poverty, lies and persecutions? Or will it be like 1968, where no governments were toppled, but a slight shift in values and norms was temporarily achieved? Or will it be 1989, where oppressive governments will be toppled and people will be able to live in relative freedom for a while, until the next generation, that never knew the hardships and the corruption, takes over and starts abusing their power?

It’s hard to tell, but the summer of 2013 will probably be up there with the ones mentioned above. And rightly so, because if we can’t trust the people we elect into power, because the system makes it easy to abuse said power, it is time for change. Real and lasting change.

Here is hoping we get it right this time.

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Under the Black Sand on Amazon

Under the Black Sand kindleWe are lift-off.

The wait is over.

Under the Black sand has been published in the Amazon Kindle store.

My debut novel has finally been made available to the world. But there is a slight issue. I had hoped to post one worldwide link, but that’s not how it works. I am currently in the Netherlands. To order it on the US site, I’d pay a premium. I can’t order it at all from the UK store. My best option is the German store. Any potential reader is forced to visit a store close by. Kind of defeats the purpose of electronic distribution, but who am I to argue with a massively huge international corporation?

So here are links to the three stores listed above. Please use the one closest to you or shop around for the lowest price.

Under the Black Sand on Amazon US
Under the Black Sand on Amazon UK
Under the Black Sand on Amazon DE

Thanks to any and all that follow the links, do the purchase and read the novel. Your interest is much appreciated.

Added 6 January 2016, a global link to the novel on 


Berlin Video Soundtrack?

As you won’t know, I will be visiting Berlin at the end of the month. The reason for this fantastic voyage is to shoot footage for a Bowie cover band that will be touring next winter.

Schiphol AirportWhen I come back, I will create a backdrop for the band but I also want to edit it into a little film for myself. A tribute to the man and the city. But there is a dilemma. Do I use Warszawa from the Low album or the Sense of Doubt / Moss Garden / Neuköln sequence from Heroes?

I have a slight preference, but do tell me what you think. If you have any idea at all what I’m talking a out.

Micro Blogging

Not every blog post is created equal. Some are long, some short. But they are all meant to be read. And sometimes it can be good to throw a simple idea out in the open.

So here is my new experiment. Micro blogging on a mobile device and automatically sharing it on social media. Oh, how modern can one be?


I have been thinking about a new novel, now that Under the Black Sand is complete and online. All kinds of ideas fly in and around my head. But the moment I sit down at the computer, they vanish. Like the screen was radiating some erazor beams from space.

So I need to find a way to capture the butterclies before they get shot down.

Out of Sync

We live in an ever changing world. We can never stay in one place, because standing still is losing out to others that keep moving. We are losing if we are not winning.

This mentality is destroying the future. Our one planet is being exploited on a scale never before seen. We are genetically modifying plants, risking whole ecosystems. We are peeling layers of the earth, whole forests, to get to whatever resources lie underneath. Tar sands that help us fuel our cars that could have run on different energy if we’d been interested in researching alternatives. Bauxite to make aluminium to build weapons and cola cans, because we can’t be bothered to recycle.

AmsterdamBut it’s not just the future we’re destroying. We are so focused on progress and profit that we won’t hesitate to destroy the past if a few bucks can be earned. Inner cities are neglected, left to degrade and are then sold to developers that bulldoze the whole thing and build luxury apartments for the few that can afford them. History and identity makes way for profit.

I just finished editing a video I shot on Saturday with the great singer-songwriter Rik van den Bosch. His message is so relevant, so strong, that I have decided to share the video here and now. It hasn’t been made public and I hope he will forgive me, but with Istanbul in the grips of massive riots because the government is out of sync with their people, I feel that this needs to be heard. They started out protesting against a public park being destroyed to build a shopping mall. Rik sings about his old neighbourhood being erased and the people having to relocate. We were standing in his old streets, looking at the boarded windows and graffiti. Him telling me about how his grandparents had met on that spot and about the old lady that used to… you get the idea. A street full of memories, waiting for the bulldozers.

Here is the first verse, and the video:
“I’m living on the ghost side of town
They’re turning everything upside down
They tear it down to the ground, when I’m not around
and the people they keep moving out, to the outskirts of town”

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