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Month: October 2015

Facebook’s Fear of Death?

Yesterday was the day I discovered Tsü. I’d heard of it, but as I have a mild phobia of signing up to every and any new social media fad, I never paid attention to it. A couple of Facebook friends were posting about this platform and it looked kind of interesting. But it was Facebook itself that sparked my real interest.

Facebook has decided to block all links to Tsü. This is two things. Censorship, and I hate censorship more than anything. And fear. If Facebook is afraid of Tsü, then it must be worth a look.

Facebook playing unfair

Facebook playing unfair

I signed up. Connected my youTube and Twitter accounts and tried to connect Facebook, but that didn’t go so well. Facebook won’t let anyone post a link to Tsü on their network and they won’t let anyone connect the profiles.

The fact that Tsü promises to be less intrusive is a great thing. They also say they’ll share 90% of the advertising revenue with content creators. That would be the users. Image the content you’ve created for Facebook in the 5-6 years you’ve been there. The photos, posts, links, clicks, likes. It’s enormous. Now, imagine they would share their profits with you, or a charity you choose?

A social network is nothing without users, so here’s hoping that Tsü manage to grow and that they stay true to their vision.

If you want to follow or befriend me on Tsü, go here:

What Have You Done, WordPress?

Twitter followers will be well aware that I’ve had some issues with FatCow hosting. They wouldn’t restore my data, they stalled at every opportunity until “the system” deleted the files.

But there was hope.’s WayBackMachine did have my site on file and I managed to copy my scribblings into a word processor. It’ll be quite a bit of work to get it all back onto the site in correct order, but it’s a challenge that I have no choice but to accept.

WordPress app before disaster

WordPress app before disaster

I did have much of my posts in the WordPress iPhone app. I realised that today. I jumped for joy! I could probably use the app to restore much of my posts. I signed into the app with my new login and password… and promptly watched as all my posts disappeared. They were all gone, except for the two posts already on the restored site. Other pages, such as the one with information on my novel disappeared too. It was all gone.

Now, I understand that it may make sense that the website has priority over the app. The app replicates the site. Sure. But would it not be an idea to have the app prompt you if deleting posts is actually what you want to do? If the app had asked if I wanted all the posts gone, I could have pressed the button saying NO. And then looked for a way to get the posts onto the site.

As it is, the website dominated and all my posts, bar the two, were deleted. It was like watching a hacker delete everything from a server in a movie. It was horrible.

So, WordPress team, a suggestion for a future update. Let the app prompt you if you want posts stored in the app – but not on the site – deleted. Let the app give some options. Delete, keep unchanged, move to drafts, publish. Something like that.

Because, after all, our data is what it’s all about and a company that does everything to preserve that data is king.


My blog was hosted with FatCow, an American hosting provider. In September 2015, that all went wrong. The account was deleted after my partner which I shared the account with found discrepancies in how he was being charged. He did warn me that the account would go offline, but I was away at the time and failed to make a backup in time. One could say it was my fault. I decided to contact FatCow support and see if they could help me. I didn’t expect much, as it had been my fault, but one can always try.

DSCF7787Now, I’m not saying I was entitled to anything. I should have backed up my site. I can’t blame FatCow for the loss of data. That is all my fault. What I do regret and my problem with FatCow is how they handled the whole thing. What followed were weeks of support hell, broken promises and lost opportunities. They had the data and had they immediately shown interest in restoring it, we would have solved this within days. They could also have said no and that would have been the end of it. My loss, but I would not have been left waiting, hoping and begging for weeks. I would have restored my website much earlier with whatever data I had. It wouldn’t have been offline for a good month.

The site is up now. I will proceed to rebuild it as much as I can. I have the blog text, but any comments and replies are gone for good.

Here’s to a better future!

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