Under the Black Sand on Amazon

Under the Black Sand kindleWe are lift-off.

The wait is over.

Under the Black sand has been published in the Amazon Kindle store.

My debut novel has finally been made available to the world. But there is a slight issue. I had hoped to post one worldwide link, but that’s not how it works. I am currently in the Netherlands. To order it on the US site, I’d pay a premium. I can’t order it at all from the UK store. My best option is the German store. Any potential reader is forced to visit a store close by. Kind of defeats the purpose of electronic distribution, but who am I to argue with a massively huge international corporation?

So here are links to the three stores listed above. Please use the one closest to you or shop around for the lowest price.

Under the Black Sand on Amazon US
Under the Black Sand on Amazon UK
Under the Black Sand on Amazon DE

Thanks to any and all that follow the links, do the purchase and read the novel. Your interest is much appreciated.

Added 6 January 2016, a global link to the novel on 


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