Blood and Rain – novel published

For immediate release.

Blood and Rain, Villi Asgeirsson’s second novel, is published on 3 March 2017. It is a historic novel, taking place in civil war Spain in 1937. The novel follows a young Icelander, Gunnar Ólafsson, as he tries to realise his dream of becoming a world famous journalist. You can find a short description of the novel at the end of this release.

Blood and Rain - paperback cover

Blood and Rain – paperback cover

The publishing of Blood and Rain is different from the usual model. It is self-published, meaning the author himself is bringing it to the world without any middle men (or women). As side effect of this is that the physical book will not be available in bricks and mortar bookstores. It will be available at some online retailers though and through the author’s website. The eBook will be available just about anywhere.

By making the route from author/publisher to the reader as short as possible, price can be kept at a minimum, as there are no upfront printing costs, no publishing costs or other overheads. This has allowed for an interesting experiment.

The price of Blood and Rain will be determined by the reader. If the reader deems the novel to be worth nothing, they will pay nothing. If they enjoy it or want to support independent authors, they can pay more than the advice price of €2.99,- It’s up to them.

After a month, the results will be published on the author’s site, with the amount of eBooks sold, what the minimum and maximum prices were, along with the average price paid. This should shed some light on what people are willing to pay for a novel by a virtually unknown author.

Blood and Rain is all about Anarchism, so letting the people decide seems only logical.

The novel will be available on Amazon and can now be pre-ordered through Smashwords, a distributor that will help make it available on all other platforms.

A short synopsis follows:

Gunnar was a young journalist in Iceland. Covering local news bored him and he was desperate to get out of this one-way street to oblivion. As Spain erupted into Civil War, he saw his opportunity, his road to greatness.

Barcelona was a city of colourful propaganda posters and interesting characters. Friendships were forged, they laughed, drank and fought together, but he would have to repay his debt. The price of entry into this war was betraying his friends.

Nothing would be the same after Barcelona burst into flames, on 3 May 1937. Nobody could be trusted, friends turned on each other and survival was the only thing that mattered.

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