Barcelona Terror Attack

I wasn’t going to say anything about this because it should be obvious what I think. People that kill for their race or religion are misguided, stupid and morally bankrupt.

If there is a reason for this life that we live, it has to be to treat each other well and try to learn something. Killing innocent people does neither and only shows how a life of a (usually) young man has become a perfect failure.

The USA is in deep trouble and will have to sort itself out. Barcelona will be fine. They’ve been through hell before and came out on top. The city will be fine, but the victims won’t and that makes this all pointless and stupid.

I keep saying pointless and stupid, but that is what this is.

Here is a passage from a novel I wrote. It was inspired by that fire in the people of Barcelona. A passage from a stupid book isn’t going to make any difference, but I’m not there and I can’t help in any other way.

The people of Barcelona were a busy crowd and the streets were full of life. They moved like ants, going about their daily routine. Nothing seemed to stop them from doing whatever they needed to do. Not even a civil war.

So there you have it. Dumb terrorists. Your sacrifice is in vain. Oh, and the virgins? Forget about it. Lemmy is dead. There are no virgins left in Heaven. Not that you’re going there anyway.

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