History is Fiction?

The end of WW2 is fascinating. Much more twisted and less clean than most will imagine. A simple search into most historical events reveal details that completely change our perception.

History is indeed written by the victors.

So, here is a short example of clean cut events that turn out to be anything but straightforward.

– Patton was an American general and wiped out nazis in France after D-Day.
– Wanting to advance into Germany in 1944 and beat the Russians to Berlin, he is stopped by Eisenhower, the supreme commander. Denied fuel, so he was stuck. This allowed the Germans to regroup and the winter of 44-45 became the bloodiest of the war. Patton’s plan would have prevented eastern Europe falling under communism.
– In spring 1945, the German army was captured. Eisenhower ordered that they get no food, water or shelter. Thousands died of starvation, dehydration and exposure. It was concentration camps all over again, but nobody ever talked about it. Patton was furious, defied orders and freed POWs in his area. Eisenhower was not pleased.
– Patton was planning to report on mismanagement and atrocities on return to the USA.
He never got around to it as he was injured in a car accident in December 1945. Other passengers escaped unharmed, but Patton broke his neck. Years later, a man came forwards and said he’d driven an army truck into Patton’s car. He also shot him in the neck with some projectile. He was following orders.
As Patton seemed to be recovering, he died suddenly. Same man says the Russians poisoned him. A Cadillac expert from Detroit has said that the car in the Patton Museum in not the car he was in during the accident.
– Five documents regarding the accident are missing from the US archives.
– Eisenhower became president in 1953. That would never have happened, had Patton lived.
– One of his first acts was to have a democratically elected government in Iran removed, installing the shah, a dictator. It set the course for the next decades, destablising regions of the world.

When you connect enough dots, you start seeing a picture. What you see usually makes the official version of events look pretty cartoonish.

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