Blood and Rain

BLOOD AND RAIN is ready for pre-order.

Pre-order it at Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and Apple now. Delivery will take place on 3 March.

Blood and Rain - paperback cover
Blood and Rain – paperback cover

Amazon: USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, India, Canada, Brasil, Mexico, Australia. Amazon will automatically load the book onto your Kindle on publishing day.

The book has been priced at around €2.99 but buyers will be able to lower or raise the price at participating retailers.

Blood and Rain is Villi Asgeirsson’s second novel. It is expected to be published on 3 March 2017 and should be available at all major eBook vendors. A limited edition paperback will be available and can be ordered directly from the author for €15 plus postage. It will be for sale elsewhere, but pricing may be somewhat inconvenient for most. And ordering directly is a surefire way to have your paperback signed.

About the story…

Gunnar was a young journalist in Iceland. Covering local news bored him and he was desperate to get out of this one-way street to oblivion. As Spain erupted into Civil War, he saw his opportunity, his road to greatness.

Barcelona was a city of colourful propaganda posters and interesting characters. Friendships were forged, they laughed, drank and fought together, but he would have to repay his debt. The price of entry into this war was betraying his friends.

Nothing would be the same after Barcelona burst into flames, on 3 May 1937. Nobody could be trusted, friends turned on each other and survival was the only thing that mattered.

Two trailers were made for Blood and Rain, a one minute introduction trailer and a longer one with quotes from the novel.

A previous novel, Under the Black Sand, is available. It is not a prequel to Blood and Rain.

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