My blog was hosted with FatCow, an American hosting provider. In September 2015, that all went wrong. The account was deleted after my partner which I shared the account with found discrepancies in how he was being charged. He did warn me that the account would go offline, but I was away at the time and failed to make a backup in time. One could say it was my fault. I decided to contact FatCow support and see if they could help me. I didn’t expect much, as it had been my fault, but one can always try.

DSCF7787Now, I’m not saying I was entitled to anything. I should have backed up my site. I can’t blame FatCow for the loss of data. That is all my fault. What I do regret and my problem with FatCow is how they handled the whole thing. What followed were weeks of support hell, broken promises and lost opportunities. They had the data and had they immediately shown interest in restoring it, we would have solved this within days. They could also have said no and that would have been the end of it. My loss, but I would not have been left waiting, hoping and begging for weeks. I would have restored my website much earlier with whatever data I had. It wouldn’t have been offline for a good month.

The site is up now. I will proceed to rebuild it as much as I can. I have the blog text, but any comments and replies are gone for good.

Here’s to a better future!

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